We supply a wide range of Beauty and Nail products and Furniture and equipment such as:

(PleaseĀ  enquire about pricing.)

  1. Student kits
  2. Facial products
  3. Manicure and pedicure products
  4. N ail products : acrylic powders, gel products.files,buffers,nail tips ,
  5. Nail art stickers,stones,brushes,glitterā€¦
  6. Waxes, Wax Pots, Pre/Post Wax, Wax Strips
  7. Paraffin Waxes , Booties, Mittens
  8. Aromatherapy Oils
  9. Eyelashes/ Tints /Threading Cotton
  10. Hot stone Products
  11. Towelling and PVC bed covers
  12. UV lamps
  13. Steamer
  14. Massage Beds
  15. Nail Tables
  16. Beauty Swivel StoolsIMG_20150521_090626-1IMG-20140404-WA001IMG-20140609-WA000

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